The Gentleman's Game - And Why I love Playing It

The Gentleman’s Game – And Why I love it

I’ve been an amateur golf player for the better part of two decades, spending many a free weekend on the greens. It is only recently that I have started venturing into being a player at Pro-Am tournaments. Whether it be the Panasonic Open India or the Hero Indian Open, I relish the chance of being a part of the playing community.

The Game

On most days, my 17 year old son can give me a good run for my money. And maybe instead of playing myself this Tuesday, maybe I should have fielded him. The average would certainly have been better. But despite my average performance, I still enjoyed myself immensely, and the reason for it was simple – the sheer grace and composure shown by the pros was truly magnificent. I had the pleasure of playing with Ajitesh Sandhu, a 29-year-old from Chandigarh. This strapping young man personified all the best things about the Gentleman’s Game. Watching him conduct himself with aplomb and play with elegance almost made me forget my underperforming round. Over the duration of 5 hours, never once did I see him frown in displeasure or drop his courteousness.

The Course

One thing about the Gary Player Course at the DLF golf club where HIO takes place is the fact that it is one of the most difficult courses. The course has two large lakes, big landforms, and large undulating greens. But the very things that make it a challenging course are also what result in the course’s captivating beauty. I may be biased towards it, as it is my home course where I’m often found, but I firmly believe it’s one of the most beautiful courses in the country.


Now that my game is over, I’m looking forward to witnessing skilled maestros play the game. I’m also excited about ThreeSixty partnering with even more golf tournaments. Aside from associating our luxury lifestyle brand with the game, this will also allow me to continue playing and even improve my game

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