Prepping For That Long Needed Summer Break

As spring gives way to warmer days, one cannot help but start making vacation plans for the coming summer. From selecting the most exciting destinations to the right travel partners, we want to be ready to escape the unbearable heat when the time comes. If you want to be a trendy traveler, here is what we have to offer you.

  1. Consul Wander:

    Pack your things in this tough and reliable trolley bag that will go wherever you do. The world is yours to conquer with it by your side.

  2. Mariana Passport Holder:

    Why fumble in your handbag at the airport when your passport and mobile phone can be more accessible with this elegant case?

  3. Iroquoi Travel Case:

    Equip yourself with essential toiletries, and other hair and skin care items that you will require on your trip, keeping them organised in this spacious zipped case.

  4. Diplomat Shaving Case:

    Clean out that stubble even when you’re travelling with a razor, cream and aftershave, which are easy to carry in this classy shaving case.

  5. Consul Travel Bag:

    If you are fashion conscious and believe in travelling in style, here is a great bag that marries beauty and functionality.

You will be surprised at how you pack makes a difference to your travel experience. So pack small, travel light and use our products to indulge yourselves.

Leather will never go out of style, as long as there is wanderlust to be satisfied.

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