Shaking up the usual Sunday Brunch Cocktails with Black Velvet!

Though tastes constantly evolve, there are times when we get stuck in the same rut. Brunch cocktails are all the rage these days, but everywhere you go it’s the usual Bloody Mary’s, or if you’re lucky, a Bellini or Mimosa. Why not mix it up?

The Black Velvet, a delicious and easy cocktail, was initially made to mark the passing of Prince Albert, the Queen’s consort. Despite it’s somber beginnings, the drink has endured over the years, and indeed has taken many new avatars!
– Stout beer (generally Guinness)
– white sparkling wine (generally champagne)
– Pour the Champagne into a champagne flute, or a beer glass. Fill half way
– Use the curved back of a spoon to pour the Guinness over, floating it onto the champagne while ensuring it doesn’t mix
ThreeSixty Signature Tip – Replace the Guinness with a nice dark beer, and enjoy the German variation – a Bismark.
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