Seven Things Every True Gentleman Needs

As a man grows older, he sheds his boyish tendencies. Juvenile fashion senses, a bachelor mindset, and habits formed in college have no place in a refined gentleman’s life. There are enough lists online talking about skills and mannerisms that a man should have. However, they miss out on what his house and belongings should be. Just as he has matured and refined himself, so too should the house reflect this change. As such you’ll find below certain items that are essential to improve your house and surroundings.

  1. Clock

Just as a true gentleman moves on from silly digital wristwatches to proper timepieces, it is necessary to make that change in your home and surroundings as well. Instead of checking the time on your digital machines, or heaven forbid, your mobile phone, a beautifully crafted clock serves to show your seriousness. If you’re unsure, we suggest taking a look at the Time Bender. Now isn’t that a watch that deserves its place in a man’s house?

  1. Armchairs

Many men are attached to the beanbags and ratty sofas that they’ve had since their 20’s. However, a gentleman should have more refined seating options in his home. A handcrafted armchair, clad in leather shows not only it’s owners taste, but also his ability to invest in quality furniture. Whether you lounge in it in your den, or sink into it while you’re hard at work in your study, The Salvatore Chair should be something that automatically draws the eye  

  1. Bookshelf

Speaking of studies, one of the simplest hallmarks of a gentleman is that he is well read. Whether you’re perusing philosophy giants like Sartre or celebrated authors like Marquez, one thing that all books need is a bookshelf worthy of storing them. The Abroga Bookshelf not only saves space thanks to it being wall mounted, but it’s variable spaces allow for tomes of differing sizes to be housed comfortably

  1. Flask

Just because a man is well read does not mean he is a bore. The consummate man plays just as hard as he works. And as is befitting someone of his stature, he doesn’t depend on anyone else to dictate terms. With the Royal Rouser, the party ends when you want it to end.

  1. Bag

Using one of those laptop bags handed out as freebies at events may have served your needs when you were young, but if you’re gonna step out, then you need to step out in style. The Diplomat Sling is not only a head-turning bag, but it’s ruggedness ensure that it’s made for the rough and tumble life

  1. Shaving Case

One of the key skills for any man is to know how to shave properly. Owning a beautiful razor showcases that this is a skill you have mastered. But a razor must be carried in a case that is as beautiful, if not more as the razor itself. Enter the Diplomat Shaving Case. Clad in beautiful tan leather, it will ensure your razor travels with you in style

  1. Cigar Case

A well deserved whiskey tastes only as good as the cigar accompanying it. And while you may only indulge in it once in a while, the cigars need to be stored and cared for properly. The Sinatra Cigar case, named after the man who embodied everything a gentleman should be, comes with an inbuilt humidor, ensuring your cigars are in their best condition to be smoked.  

We feel that these few items will have you well prepared to be ready for any occasion.  You may not need to use these items every week and every day may not be appropriate for you to bring out your flask, but you will have them at your disposal.  As you become accustomed to decorating better and expressing yourself through your belongings we expect that you will expand upon these basic items and create something truly unique to you, a personal narrative.    

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