Three Sixty is an Indian brand and design studio. The brand offers one of a kind, handcrafted leather furniture and accessories with a seamless customer experience. The studio works in a unique collaborative process with its clients to develop bespoke leather collections with an ethos of celebrating its rich tradition of classic and contemporary design, craftsmanship and sustainable practices through its products and services.

A story about timeless design and Indian craftsmanship.

Three sixty brand was founded in 2009 by Vikash Gupta. Vikash is a first generation entrepreneur having previously set up Ranvik Exports, its parent company in 1993.The company started with humble beginnings and a vision to design and produce leather furniture showcasing Indian craftsmanship to the world.

Propelling this vision forward, Three Sixty has been built over decades to offer customers an exceptional experience of design, Indian craftsmanship and
quality products through leather collections that include home decór, accent furniture, lifestyle accessories and more.

A firm believer in pursuing a life-work life balance, Vikash embodies this spirit by being a first generation entrepreneur, a family man, and an avid golfer. His
philosophy in life reflects in his work. A balanced pursuit of all the good things life has to offer.

Live authentically. Live the leather life.

You can be sure that each and every product you purchase from us is craft-ed painstakingly. From the initial frame to the leather upholstering, to the detailed finishing, our artisans work tirelessly to give you a product that you can proudly call your own.

No two people are the same, and this uniqueness carries over into our products. Whether you wish to change the color, the texture or the quality of the leather, or if you wish for different dimensions, ThreeSixty offers its customers full control over the end product.

ThreeSixty believes that the purchase of a product is the start of a relationship, not the end of it. We provide care and repair, alterations, or anything else you may desire for any product that you buy from ThreeSixty! All of this, from the comfort of your home!

Whether it’s lounging in our sinful armchairs or enjoying the looks of envy from your guests because of our signature bars, ThreeSixty products signify that you, to be concise, have arrived! Our products will bring life and charm to any corner of your room, making your home truly yours

Founder’s Note

A marker of outstanding quality, craftsmanship is at the forefront of our design values. Our artisans work painstakingly to ensure every product starting with the initial frame, the upholstering and finishing is a showstopper
A story of luxury fashioned with the finest leather.

Vikash Gupta
Founder & CEO

CSR Activity

One of ThreeSixty’s founding principles was to bring our own local Indian artisans into the limelight. India has a vast wealth of fine craftsmanship, which needs patronage and support from local businesses. Driven by these guiding principles, Vikash has been a committed supporter and benefactor of various organizations. From participating in fundraisers to providing for the staff welfare, he is a firm believer in not only giving back to the community but also bettering the lives of those less fortunate than him.