Moscow Mule – Refreshing in Summer and Warming in Winter!

Though it’s origins are hazy, no one can deny the charm of the Moscow Mule. A highly refreshing cocktail in summertime, it also serves well to keep you warm when the winter chill sets in, thanks to the generous presence of vodka.

Be warned however, that if you wish to serve it in a traditional glass ( a copper one) make sure that it’s lined with a non reactive steel as the Moscow Mule is slightly acidic in nature!
– 450 ml Vodka
– 50 ml lime juice
– 120 ml ginger beer
– Mix the vodka and lime juice
– Top up the glass with ginger beer. Make sure to pour it slowly so that it mixes well
Such a no nonsense drink requires an equally utilitarian serving apparatus such as the Basquiat Bar Trolley
ThreeSixty Signature Tip – Not a fan of vodka? Swap it out for bourbon to make a Kentucky Mule

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