The Michelada - A Spicy Hangover cure

The Michelada – A Spicy Hangover Cure

Folk culture insists that hangovers can be cured, if temporarily, by gently sipping alcohol the morning after. While many prefer the ubiquitous Bloody Mary, those in Latin america swear by the Michelada. Though a beer cocktail, what makes the Michelada stand out is the inclusion of hot sauces and chili mixes! One thing is for certain – the Michelada will certainly wake you up after a night out!

Ingredients :
Lime Juice
Concentrated Tomato Juice
Spicy sauces like Teriyaki or Sriracha
Preparation :
Mix the beer, lime juice and tomato juice. Shake well
Add the spicy sauce, ensuring an easy flow so that the sauce doesn’t sink to the bottom of the glass, but blends with the mixture.
Pour into a salt rimmed glass
Is the cocktail not proving effective enough to cure your headache? Why not sink into the plush comfort of the Salvatore Chair? You can even prop up your legs on the Seras bench and try for a nap!
ThreeSixty Signature tip : Want to give your Michelada a desi tadka? Add a dash of Maggie powder to the rim of the glass!

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