Four Living Room Décor Basics For Your Home

Four Living Room Décor Basics For Your Home

How you keep your home speaks volumes about your taste in home décor. Your living room, for that matter, practically acts a window to your home. Here are four things that you need to have in place before you explore endless possibilities to enhance your living room décor:

Centre Table- The perfect center table mainly thrives on these aspects; It should have the right size so as to reach out for snacks and should be sturdy enough to support books and put your feet upon. But most importantly, the style should be in sync with the surroundings. Luxury center tables can make or break your living room decor.

We recommend the Java Center Table, which is a stunning piece to invest in. Excellent artisanship and multiple storage spaces, make this a must-have for every living room.

Couch- A good seating item is an essential part of living room décor, and that is when a couch comes to the rescue. When choosing a couch you should consider the size of your living room and whether it will match the surroundings. Lastly, the material should be sturdy so that it lasts.

Take a look at the Java Chesterfield Couch, which is not just a value-for-money piece, but an investment. It is designed in leather, which wears beautifully over time only adding more luxury to the couch.

Carpet- Carpets add the needed opulence to your living room. It has more to it than meets the eye, as it also saves the flooring when moving around. Carpet has found a place both in traditional and contemporary living room décor.

We suggest the Safari Carpet for you!  Having myriad colors, this electronic carpet comes to life when it is hit by the light.

Wall Clock- The right wall can add timeless aesthetics to your living room décor. Hence, choosing a timepiece is an important part of living room décor. Whether modern or antique, a wall clock can only add value to your living room décor.

We recommend the Waterloo Wall Clock that has a leather binding and a harness and can be hung in a suitable corner. It is an accent piece that speaks for itself.

You can find these as well as other signature items on our site. Buy genuine leather online with ThreeSixty.

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