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Vanity Box: An Ultimate Lifestyle Accessory For Ladies

Your wedding date has been fixed, and you have been making frequent visits to the stores choosing the right fabric for your wedding ensemble, zeroing down on the right footwear, and doing all the needful.

But, being an organized person that you are, you need to store your paraphernalia in the right place, including your cosmetics and jewellery. So, what you need is a perfect vanity box!

Well, going back to history, vanity boxes were used by ladies (and gentlemen) of higher echelons when they travelled, around the 18th century to the last quarter of the 19th century. The different compartments in the box would contain perfume bottles, mirrors, brushes, combs, manicure sets and jewellery.

Of course now, the market is flooded with multiple options to choose from what suits your need, but here is our offering that can rightfully demand a prideful place at your dressing table, while you get ready for your wedding:

Ascot Vanity Box A sturdy yet elegant container for your cosmetics, jewellery and toiletries, it has an easy grip carry handle and a luxurious finish. It is just right to fit all your wedding nitty gritties, and also perfect for home use.

The vanity box was and still is the ultimate lifestyle accessory. Not only does it contain in a compact and an elegant manner, the items necessary for personal grooming, but the very quality of the box and contents confers on the owner, the hallmark of elegance and distinction.

We at ThreeSixty, endeavor our best to serve you the best, to suit your needs and style.

Please write to us, we would be happy to talk to you!

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