Leather Tanning - India's Various Leather Centres

Leather Tanning – India’s Varied Leather Centers

The Indian Leather industry has a huge domestic market and also great potential for exports. The export market for leather and leather products have increased over the past decades and touched to around US$ 5.91 billion during 2013-14, recording a growth rate of about 14.77% in 5 years. Let’s take a detailed look at the top 7 leather centers in India.

  1. Jajmau – Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

Jajmau is a district of Kanpur. This is the main and the largest center for the leather industry in India. Kanpur’s leather and tannery industry contribute to around Rs 6,000 crore worth foreign exchange for the country and also gives direct livelihood to more than one lakh people.

  1. Unnao – Uttar Pradesh

Located approximately 18 km from Kanpur & 60 km from Lucknow city lies Unnao. Tanning is one of the biggest industries in Unnao, with many of the biggest names in leather setting up their factories here

  1. Chennai- Tamil Nadu

Chennai is known as southern India’s biggest industrial and commercial center. Part of this is due to the large leather industry in the city.

  1. Ambur – Tamil Nadu

Located on the banks of the Palar River, is the small town of Ambur. True to its reputation as the Leather City of South India, you can find some of India’s largest and finest tanneries here.

  1. Kolkata – West Bengal

The City of Joy, situated on the banks of the Hooghly is the second most important tanning center in the India. Kolkata is home to around 500 tanneries which contribute about 22-25 % of the country’s tanning.

  1. Agra – Uttar Pradesh

Agra is as synonymous with leather footwear as it is for the fabled Taj Mahal. The superb craftsmanship of Agra’s shoemakers and the quintessential ‘juttis’ they make are renowned all across the world.

  1. Ranipet – Tamil Nadu

Located on the northern bank of the Palar river, Ranipet houses nearly 400 small and medium leather units.

The Indian Government has identified the Leather Sector as a Focus Sector. This is due to its immense potential for export growth and employment generation. The Indian leather industry aims to increase the production even more in the future, and thereby enhance exports, and resultantly create more and more employment opportunities.


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