Leather Bags: Myths and Misconceptions

Leather is a product that is riddled with misconceptions, despite its glamorous appeal. Since we live in a world currently rampant with fake news and fake facts, any myth we hear is seared into our minds irrespective of its viability. These myths ultimately affect our buying patterns and create unjustified biases. Here are a few misconceptions about leather bags that may be stopping you from buying a dazzling piece.

  1. Leather bags are heavy.

The tanning process that all genuine leather bags undergo ensures they have a soft touch and a weight similar to most other bags. If you have encountered a heavy leather bag, chances are it’s not made of genuine leather.

  1. The small size of straps would not be able to take  the weight carried.

Every artisan at ThreeSixty (and most other genuine leather companies) designs the straps of a bag taking account of the weight of the bag and the materials likely to be carried. Everything in a leather backpack is made of the same material, and if you trust the bag to be strong, then you have nothing to fear.

  1. The daily wear and tear will substantially lessen its usage life.

It’s almost shocking to hear this, as leather is renowned for its longevity. As you grow and mature with time, so does leather. In fact, leather backpacks are actually meant to be used daily as they are tough and resistant. ThreeSixty’s genuine leather bags are tanned with high-grade oils and preservatives which give a life of 10-20 years.

  1. Leather Bags are not waterproof or weatherproof.

Genuine leather bags go through extensive tanning and waxing which makes them tough enough to stand against any weather. There should be no doubt that leather bags can stand both strong direct sunlight and rain. After all, this is the reason that these carriers have been the go to choice for explorers and frontiersmen.

Hopefully, these facts should ease some of your misconceptions about leather bags. They have incredible strength and complement any attire you choose to flaunt. Showcase your leather bag with style! And if you don’t own one, what are you waiting for? Check out ThreeSixty’s signature bag collection here

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