Wedding Season is Here - A Lady’s Guide To Wedding Anniversary Gifting

A Lady’s Guide To Wedding Anniversary Gifting

Your Wedding Anniversary is just round the corner and the wedding band on your ring finger is a constant reminder of how your spouse made the previous one special for you last year, with you promising to make the same for him, this year.

Nothing works better than a gift chosen with great care! Besides, you just don’t want to make him feel special with your gesture, but also gift him something that he will cherish forever!

So, here are some select gift ideas for ladies, irrespective of their partners’ personality and choice:

Watch Box- For someone who has a passion for horology and hoards anything from a vintage find, the latest designer timepiece, to a watch for only keeping a track of time, a watch box would be the perfect gift. The Diplomat Watch Box serves the purpose with its textured exterior, stunning construction and seamless finish.

Laptop Case- Whether his laptop is his workstation, game station, or a hybrid, chances are, he is possessive about it! So, how about gifting him something that will keep his prized possession safe? We recommend the Consul Laptop Case, which has a cushioned case and multiple compartments, and will suit all his needs.

Travel Bag- Your spouse is consumed by wanderlust, and you believe that he needs a functional and a good looking travel bag, but more than that, a carrier to suit his mood and style. We suggest that you consider the Consul Travel Bag, which will not only take care of the travelling essentials but also the nitty gritties.

Shaving Case- If you are the better half of someone who lives by a strict grooming routine, then you can make the art of shaving more fun for him, by gifting him a shaving case. The Consul Shaving Case will not only store his functional accessories, but would also be the best bet for him to make his trips hassle-free.

Tie Case- Whether a diplomat, a white collar worker or someone who simply treasures his business suits, to have his ties in perfect order would always be a primary concern for a man. We recommend that you consider a tie case as your next gifting option, and suggest that you take a look at the Diplomat Tie Case, which is not only a must-have for his business trips, but is sturdy enough to guarantee years of reliable use.

Each of your Wedding Anniversaries become memories with time, but what remains is the love and care exchanged in the form of gifts. We, at ThreeSixty, are here to ensure that your gifting experience becomes a memorable one.

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