Leatherology- Know What Leather You Are Buying!

When you buy leather products, you want to know what you are paying for. So, whether you are buying furniture or personal accessories, a thoughtful approach often means knowing not only about the different types of leather but also knowing if the leather is genuine.

In general, there are four types of leather, as below:

Full Grain Leather- Attained from the top layer of the hide, it includes the grain with it. This kind of leather retains both the toughness and the imperfection due to having no alterations. This form of leather attains a patina over time- a characteristic that characterizes its popularity. It is also the most expensive form of leather and is suitable only for saddle backs.

Top Grain Leather- This leather gets the second highest grade. The top layer of the blemished hides is split, to attain this leather. The surface is sanded to get rid of the imperfections. Although top grain is strong, it tends to stretch permanently over time. This leather is used to make high-end products including bags and jackets.

Corrected Grain (Bottom/Cut) Split Leather- Also known as genuine leather, it is produced using the skin layers that remain after the top is split off. It is also sanded to remove the imperfections. The surface is then spray painted and embossed with a leather-like pattern for a natural appearance.

Bonded Leather- It is the most inexpensive form of leather. Made up of the leftovers of the hide, it also includes dust and shavings, which are then bonded together with polyurethane or latex on top of a latex sheet. It is also spray-painted to look like top or full grain leather.


While you make the final decision to buy leather, whether it is genuine or artificial, we hope that this leather guide could help you be on the right track!


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