From the Tannery to your home |

Journey of the Sidewinder: From the Tannery to Your Home

Few products evoke more awe from our customers than the Sidewinder Double Door Bar. The immaculate design, the polished finish and the refined attention to detail are all key facets for why this gargantuan leather bar is one of our bestselling items. However, the real reason that makes the leather bar such a desired item is the leather itself. Therefore, the genesis of the Sidewinder bar starts inside a tannery, the birthplace of good leather.

The beautiful texture associated with the Sidewinder bar is the result of an elaborate chemical process. The process of tanning is tantamount to magic, as it treats the raw skins and hides of animals and transforms it into fine leather that does not decompose. The notion of leather living forever originates in the tannery. The treatment permanently alters the protein structure of the material, making it durable and wearable.

Like most processes that result in breathtaking end products, tanning requires religious adherence to many complicated steps. Here is a glimpse of the process:

Step 1:
The leather is soaked in water to remove all the impurities and subsequently pressed to remove excess water. This gives the brilliantly pure leather that your guests marvel at when they see the Sidewinder in your home.

Step 2:
Scudding – The hide is stretched and de-haired by hand using a blunt knife, helping the material to acquire uniform thickness.

Step 3:
The hide is then cut and trimmed to give it shape. This gives the Sidewinder its beautifully symmetric form.

Step 4:
The leather is dyed to inject color into the material and lend it better texture. The Sidewinder’s sumptuous feel is indebted to this process.

Step 5:
It is dried, beaten and buffed to give it softness and shine. The Sidewinder’s showstopper look is cultivated from this step.

Tanning, along with the delectable craftsmanship of our leather experts, makes the Sidewinder the bestselling, brilliant item it is. You now know exactly why it immediately catches your eye every time you enter one of our stores.


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