Indian Hospitality: The Modern Way

The Indian people are known world over for their warm hospitality based on the principle, Atithi Devo Bhava, which means ‘guest is God’. This belief stems from ancient stories where a guest is revealed to be God himself who then rewards his host for the kind hospitality. Rooted deep within our ancient culture, even in these modern times, this trait comes naturally to us.


Entertaining in style

When guests come calling, we want our homes to look their best. From ensuring that everything in the living room is spotless to laying out the special crockery, the experience is important for us. This is where the stylish Tangier Center Table comes in as a tasteful piece of furniture to serve coffee and snacks on. What they won’t know is that hidden within, is a spacious compartment that holds spare cushions and futons that would otherwise clutter the room. You can also protect the beautiful surface of the table from cup rings with a set of Consul Coasters.


It is essential that your guests feel comfortable in your home, so offer them the best seat in the house to settle into – the Java Chesterfield Couch. Artistically crafted, it not only adds grandeur to your living room but also a cosy space for engaging conversations. Add to that the patchwork Chinkara Carpet and your living room is the ultimate warm and inviting haven for any visitor.

Bring out the chai and biscuits served on the classy Arroyo Tray that symbolises a sense of service and offering, which are central to our hospitality. So that your guests don’t have to lean out too far to pick up their cups, pull out the set of three Mira Nested Tables that come handy and can be tucked away when not in use.


If your guests prefer a glass of whiskey or wine, wheel in the Pacific Bar Case and get the party started. It stocks everything you may need – bottles, glassware, trays and other bar accessories and makes for a perfect companion for a pleasant evening.

Living up to the great standards of Indian hospitality is not as difficult as it looks. With a little help from us.

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