How to Take Care of Leather Furniture (Part 1)

Leather furniture is something that stays with you forever, provided you take adequate care. Popular opinion dictates that fabric provides better value because of the misconceptions attached to leather for its sleek veneer. This gives off the impression that leather furniture is catered only to wealthy customers, something that couldn’t be further away from the truth. The fact of the matter is that leather furniture can become a staple in your household for a long period of time. While fabric wears out in time, leather evolves. Aging brings out its natural patina, making it even more full-bodied and stunning with time.

However, there are a few guidelines you must follow to ensure your leather furniture continues to become more striking and gorgeous with time: 

  1. Use of Leather Conditioner

Leather conditioners possess a creamy consistency designed to be buffed into the furniture. There is a need to condition your furniture every 6-12 months (will vary from product to product) to avoid cracks and drying out. Leather conditioners are found in furniture stores and auto shops.

  1. Avoid Cleaning Liquids Used in Fabric

Applying detergents, ammonia, bleach and cleaning sprays can all be detrimental to leather furniture. Should you accidentally drop something on it, wiping with a dry cloth is all it takes to avoid leaving a permanent stain. Soaking the stain in water or soap can result in a further undesirable outcome.

  1. Avoid Exposure to Direct Sunlight

Try keeping your leather away from direct sunlight. Exposure can cause slow fading of color and cracks appearing.

Leather furniture has many distinct characteristics that should persuade you to incorporate it in your household. It exudes warmth during freezing winters, and emanates coolness during hot summers. In fact, leather furniture can merit being a living, breathing member of your household. But like most members of the household, it needs care. Watch this space to discover more invaluable tips that ensure your leather furniture becomes one of the premier conversation starters of your house!

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