ThreeSixty welcomes you to the luxurious world of leather, where there is indulgence in every touch and a sense of old-world charm at every glance. Born to bring back the elegance of an era gone by and restore the Aristocrat to his seat of opulence, ThreeSixty stands true to the spirit of leather craft.

Traditional craft secrets blend seamlessly with contemporary design in all ThreeSixty creations, resulting in leather masterpieces that are a pride to own and magnificent to behold. For there is no greater luxury than being able to live The Leather Life.

Genuine Handmade Products

You can be sure that each and every product you purchase from us is craft-ed painstakingly. From the initial frame to the leather upholstering, to the detailed finishing, our artisans work tirelessly to give you a product that you can proudly call your own.

Full Customisation

No two people are the same, and this uniqueness carries over into our products. Whether you wish to change the color, the texture or the quality of the leather, or if you wish for different dimensions, ThreeSixty offers its customers full control over the end product.

Doorstep Support

ThreeSixty believes that the purchase of a product is the start of a relationship, not the end of it. We provide care and repair, alterations, or anything else you may desire for any product that you buy from ThreeSixty! All of this, from the comfort of your home!

The leather Life

Whether it’s lounging in our sinful armchairs or enjoying the looks of envy from your guests because of our signature bars, ThreeSixty products signify that you, to be concise, have arrived! Our products will bring life and charm to any corner of your room, making your home truly yours

About the Founder

With more than two decades of experience in the leather business, our Founder, Mr. Vikash Gupta spearheads ThreeSixty with a vision to fill the void between two worlds: luxury and leisure. He believes that people everywhere aspire to indulge in a life of style and panache and are continuously looking for a medium to do so. Taking this vision forward, Three Sixty has been built as a seamless blend of luxury and affordability, that has a range of leather products that include home decór, accent furniture, lifestyle accessories and more, to offer. Following our founder’s patriotic fervor, ThreeSixty is a truly Indian brand that believes in sourcing locally and supporting local craftsmen, helping traditional designs take center stage.

A marker of outstanding quality, craftsmanship is at the forefront of our design values. Our artisans work painstakingly to ensure every product starting with the initial frame, the upholstering and finishing, is a showstopper.

An avid philanthropist, Vikash also participates in fundraisers as he firmly believes in giving back to the community. He has been a constant supporter of the Genesis Foundation, has participated in Green Drives in and around Delhi NCR and is a constant source of inspiration and help for his staff and factory workers.

CSR Activity

One of ThreeSixty’s founding principles was to bring our own local Indian artisans into the limelight. Why break open the bank, chasing after fantastical international designs when you can find unique handcrafted designs in your home country?

With principles such as these, it is no surprise that our founder, Mr. Vikash Gupta, is an avid philanthropist. From participating in fundraisers to providing for the staff’s families, he is a firm believer in not only giving back to the community but also bettering the lives of those less fortunate than him. Some of his most notable charitable activities can be found below

1. The Genesis Foundation
The Genesis Foundation is a non profit organisation that has worked tirelessly to better the lives of underprivileged kids. Their program identifies children who are in need of urgent medical care, especially when it comes to heart disorders.
Since the very beginning, Mr. Vikash Gupta has been an ardent supporter and a key proponent of the foundation. It is his belief that children are god’s greatest creation, and none of them should have to suffer. As such, he takes part in multiple fundraisers for the foundation most notably their annual “CEOs Sing For Kids” where CEOs from across the city come together to raise money and awareness for this life-saving program

2. Community Betterment
It is said that charity begins at home. As such, Mr. Gupta regularly organizes blood donation camps throughout the city. He has also been a key instrument in many of the successful “green drives” held in the industrial town of Manesar, where his factory is located. Not only that, but he works closely with the local government trying to improve the conditions of the many laborers and street vendors found in the town

3. Staff Welfare
The staff and workers that work for Mr. Gupta also experience this benevolence as he realizes that without their constant support and hard work, his dreams would not have taken off. He strives hard to not only educate them about their rights and help them with opening bank accounts, but he also looks after their children. He is known to sponsor many trips to both amusement parks as well as help with the children’s education