What Kind of Leather Chair Would Suit Your Home?

Whether you want a cosy spot to enjoy a good book, or if you’re after a statement furniture piece, a striking leather chair is your best bet. That is because upholstered leather chairs provide the most important thing any chair needs –  comfort. While style matters, and any accent furniture piece needs to fit with the rest of your decor, the one key factor governing any seating option, is that it should comfortable. You don’t just buy a chair because it looks good – you buy it because it looks good AND is comfortable.


Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to think about exactly what you need out of a new armchair. Do you want a multi-functional armchair? Do you want a leather armchair or a wingback chair? Finding a chair that is comfortable involves considering your height, weight, the way you sit, and your center of gravity. To be comfortable, a chair should be the perfect size and fit for you. Remember Goldilocks?


An armchair with a high backrest, such as our signature Chesterfields is good if you want a comparatively upright sitting position in your armchair, or simply want an armchair that surrounds you completely. Go for a high backrest if you love reading while lounging in a comfortable chair, or if you want to work on your computer while relaxing and sitting comfortably.

Conversely, if you’re just looking to relax, or maybe use the chair for leisure activities such as a long video game session, it may be more prudent to invest in one of the low seating sofas. Comfortable enough to curl up, or just to simply sink into they are the perfect casual addition to your home

Or perhaps, what you are looking for is some bar stools to truly bring your home bar alive. These stools should be at the perfect height to accommodate your bar counter, and maybe even have some rungs below where you can rest your legs

No matter what your needs or preferences may be, ThreeSixty’s sumptuous leather chairs should serve your entertainment needs effortlessly


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