Beating the heat with a classic Pick-me-up

Though the original Rickey was created with bourbon in the mix, it gained popularity only when bourbon was supplanted with gin. The mix of gin, lime and soda water made it a cool refreshing drink and unlike the Mojito ( a popular relative) the Rickey was far simpler to make.


60 ml Gin (Or bourbon)

1/2 a lime

Soda Water


1. Combine the spirit and lime (along with it’s shell) in a highball glass. A wine glass also serves well in a pinch

2. Add 2-3 ice cubes and stir well, letting the mixture soak

3. Top up with soda water and serve.

We recommend serving the drink on the Consul Tray, paired with the complimenting Consul Coasters to protect your table surfaces from the ensuing moisture

ThreeSixty Signature Tip – While adding bourbon makes the classic Rickey, did you know that the Rickey can also be made with dark rum? A surprisingly cool summer refresher!

Such a simple, yet refreshing drink needs similar storage. Wouldn’t you agree? Check out our Mamba Bar Caseperfectly suited to store your glasses, ice bucket and liquors!

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