The Chest Of Drawers: A Versatile Furniture

Traditionally, the chest of drawers was used to store clothing especially innerwear, but it has now become an extremely functional piece of furniture that has been reinvented and redesigned to adapt to various interiors and uses since it was first created.

Whether transformed into a wardrobe or converted to a dresser, the chest of drawers has and will be a supreme storage item. Now, incorporating a chest of drawers made of leather as a home décor item can be a great idea, as it only augments the look of your home decor.

A chest of drawers can be beautifully placed next to a bed in your bedroom, or even next to a sofa in your living room.

Not only would it be an ideal place to keep the lamp and other accessories, but it would be a prodigious storage place for many items.

Some of the offerings of ThreeSixty include:

Barro Chest Of Drawers You can make your home a bona fide haven with this lavish chest of drawers. This is definitely a centerpiece for any room you want to keep it in.

Tangier Chest Of Drawers Traditionally designed, this chest of drawers is beautifully clad in tan leather. It has four spacious drawers to store your essentials.

Corundum Chest Of Drawers Boldly flaunting a beautiful croc pattern, this massive chest of drawers will be a perfect place for your prized paraphernalia.

Sidewinder Chest Of Drawers A great place for your hidden treasures, this luxurious item can do a lot to amplify your home décor too.

We hope that the list we have compiled satisfies your need for a chest of drawers, for queries and special requests, please feel free to talk to us!

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