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Your Guide To Buying Leather Couches

Leather couches are known for their elegance and sophistication. Although designs may vary, there is no doubt that leather couches can look timeless without much effort.  Considering that there is more to them than just aesthetics, here are some practicalities that you can adopt while choosing leather couches: For more info click here.   Durability:  Just […]

“Journey of Leather” – How Leather Is Made?

Leatherworking is one of the oldest forms of craft. Though traditional mechanization has made leather tanning less labor intensive. However, it still requires a series of time and energy consuming treatments, with the whole purpose of altering the protein structure of the skin to increase its durability, texture and appearance. After the hide is cured […]

The Chest Of Drawers: A Versatile Furniture

Traditionally, the chest of drawers was used to store clothing especially innerwear, but it has now become an extremely functional piece of furniture that has been reinvented and redesigned to adapt to various interiors and uses since it was first created. Whether transformed into a wardrobe or converted to a dresser, the chest of drawers […]

Seven Things Every True Gentleman Needs

As a man grows older, he sheds his boyish tendencies. Juvenile fashion senses, a bachelor mindset, and habits formed in college have no place in a refined gentleman’s life. There are enough lists online talking about skills and mannerisms that a man should have. However, they miss out on what his house and belongings should […]