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Real Vs Fake – How To Distinguish Between Genuine And Faux Leather

Leather is a popular material of choice for many products. And that’s for some well defined reasons. Leather is durable, easy to maintain and when treated and coated well, it is usually stain-proof and waterproof as well. Leather also gives off a classy and luxurious feel. However due to the high cost of genuine leather […]

How to Take Care of Leather Furniture (Part 1)

Leather furniture is something that stays with you forever, provided you take adequate care. Popular opinion dictates that fabric provides better value because of the misconceptions attached to leather for its sleek veneer. This gives off the impression that leather furniture is catered only to wealthy customers, something that couldn’t be further away from the […]

Leather’s Emergence in Fashion & Pop Culture

What makes leather so deliciously distinctive? What is the intangible factor that has made leather prominent throughout the years and consolidated its place in so many different aspects of fashion? The answer is simple – timeless elegance. Leather possesses an eternal mystique that makes it stay relevant and in style. A well-made leather bag looks […]

India’s Fascination with Leather

India has always been known as a country sharing a close and intimate relationship with leather. Today, it accounts for close to 13% of the world’s leather production, ranking second in the world. Leather has marked itself as an indispensable industry for India, emerging as one of the top five foreign exchange contributors in our […]