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From Hide To Home – How Is Leather Made?

Leather working is one of the oldest forms of craft. Though traditional and lengthy, mechanization has made the process less labor intensive now.  However, it still consists of a series of time and energy consuming treatments, with the whole purpose of altering the protein structure of the skin to increase its durability, texture and appearance. […]

The Michelada – A Spicy Hangover Cure

Folk culture insists that hangovers can be cured, if temporarily, by gently sipping alcohol the morning after. While many prefer the ubiquitous Bloody Mary, those in Latin america swear by the Michelada. Though a beer cocktail, what makes the Michelada stand out is the inclusion of hot sauces and chili mixes! One thing is for […]

7,000 Years of Leather Lovin’


It’s no secret that leather is the king of all materials. Throughout history, it has occupied pride of place. Texts as ancient as Homer’s Iliad contain references to tanning, corroborating the antiquity of the leather-making process. From the ancient Egyptians to the Romans, almost every civilisation in human history has made use of the indispensable […]