At Three Sixty, we understand the need for furniture and accessories to fit perfectly into your space and those that mirror your personal style and therefore offer full customization services. Right from mapping your space to providing after delivery support, we believe in being there for you every step of the way. Whether you wish to change the color of your furniture, customise a room or just an accessory, there are a range of services we offer. 

Style Selection

Basis our initial discussions on your preferences, we create a visual board for you to understand what your products or space may look like. This step also includes deciding important details like color palettes, leather suggestions, layouts, and more.

Measurements & Sizes

As the first step in this journey, we visit you to understand the space or the items that need to be worked on. Getting the dimensions right is key to beginning the visualization process.

Execution & Delivery

On locking in all the details, we get to producing and delivering your order straight to your doorstep. From the initial frame to the leather upholstering, to the detailed finishing, our artisans work painstakingly to give you a product that is exactly what you are looking for.