Travel Bags- A Notable Part Of Your Style Statement

travel leather bags

When fashion icon, Victoria Beckham tweeted, “Airport is my runway!” the statement played a stimulus role in evoking the travel impulses of a lot of fashionable jet-setters.

While depending on many of their possessions including attire, accessories and footwear to make their style statement noteworthy, stylish travelers also chiefly rely on their travel bags to speak for their sense of style.

The travel bag has a well-traveled history of being contoured by thoughts of people finding solutions to carry their items, which lead to the invention of a duffel bag. After having served as a carrier of weaponry, equipment and arms, the duffel bag evolved into being a regular travel bag for commoners. However, being modified and structured to fit the trends and needs of its time, the travel bag had already attained a fashion item status by the 1960’s.

Famed for their smart and spacious design, durability, reliability and versatility, the travel bag has become a travel essential for those who do not want to arrive at their destination as a tangled mess, but looking impeccable and stylish.

The material commonly used for travel bags-leather- is sturdy and strong enough to last for years. Besides, leather is also a preferred material by the fashion conscious society, as it only adds chicness to their style while en route.

Some of our recommendations to match your airport-ready style:

Consul Duffel- Its spacious interiors will not only fit your requisites and other essentials, but this black beauty will perfectly complement your chic attire, only making you a crowd puller.

Diplomat Duffel- With its archetypal shape and earthy tone, it is roomy enough to hold your valuable belongings and more. Besides, this number will do enough to augment your style statement.

Iroquois Travel Bag- While ensuring safety of your possessions owing to its capacious design, this tour de force will make you an A-Lister among those who travel in style.

Consul Travel Bag- While the croco-pattern makes you win half of your style battle, its ergonomic design makes it an asset, you can swear by, while jet setting in style.

Having well understood that leather is not just a material, and a travel bag is not just a travel essential, but it encapsulates many approaches and perceptions, including it serving as part of your style statement, we at ThreeSixty strive our best to guide you to choose the best – to suit your style!

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