Sling Bag: The Perfect Accessory For Leather Lovers

For those looking for fashionable, but durable bags to carry their essentials in, slings bags are a popular choice. Also known as cross body bags, these bags are much in demand for its versatile usage.

They are designed much like a backpack, but with a single strap that is worn over one shoulder and across the front of the torso. The bag is designed with the main goal to offer a faster and a convenient access to the contents in the bag.

The appeal in sling bags however, comes out best, when it is designed in leather. Leather not only adds chicness to them, but it is a sturdy material that will last for years.

Pushing the envelope further, ThreeSixty has an array of sling bags in offer, that you can consider choosing from, including:

Boxy Consul Sling– Not only will this number add élan to any outfit but the multiple compartments in it allow you to store your essentials where you want to.

Boxy Diplomat Sling– In alluring tan color, you can bag your trinkets and nittygritties in this one. It works really well for travelers.

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Consul Cross Body Bag– Overloaded with cuteness, this sling bag will not only come in handy to store your knick-knacks, but will also match with any of your outfits.

So, whether you are wander-lusting, shopping around, or simply accessorizing your outfit, sling bags are the best bet for you! 

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